Objective: Captain Kaboozo is being hunted by team Valkyrie and must stay alive. He has a small force of dedicated warriors who will defend their leader to the death. Cpt. Kaboozo must 1.) Eradicate all of the attacking soldiers, 2.) Out last the timer, or 3.) Escape to home (raise/lower flag) where he can survive to fight another day.

Directions: Instructors will designate a safe zone for Cpt. Kaboozo escape. Kaboozo and his troop will go out in the field 3 minutes before the game starts and take cover. The game will begin when a whistle/horn is blown. Kaboozo’s troops can regenerate one time by touching Cpt. Kaboozo. Team Valkyrie can regenerate one time by touching the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie and Cpt. Kaboozo will be identified before the game and must wear an orange reflective vest. Neither the Valkyrie nor Kaboozo can regenerate during this game.

Requirements: 8 players or more. Team Valkyrie will consist of 60 to 70% of the group.
Time Limit: 10 minutes or more.

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