The Crazy Game of Poker

Objective: Earn the most points for your team.

Directions: This game is 3 rounds with a 2 minute break between rounds. Players are divided into 4 teams and elect a team captain to represent them. Team captains bid in front of the instructor for how long their team can hold the base. The team captain with the highest proposed time wins the bid and will attempt to hold the base. The round will start at the sound of a whistle/horn. When the flag is lowered (base is captured), time stops and points are accrued. If defending team is able to hold the base for the proposed time his team is awarded the points. If the three attacking teams are able to take the base before the time, the points are divided and given to the three teams. Attacking teams have infinite re-spawns. Defenders have one life only. (You do not have to eliminate all defenders to lower the flag/take the base).
Round 1 is worth 3 Points – Round 2 is worth 6 points – Round 3 is worth 9 points

Requirements: 4 players or more. Four equal teams.
Time Limit: Varies.

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