Kombat Convoy

Objective: Cpt. America has been tasked to drive his convoy through hostile territory. Him and his troops must follow directly behind the instructor until he reaches his destination. The Xtreme assassins must assassinate Cpt. America at all costs. If Cpt. America dies, his team loses. But if he is able to make it to his final destination, his team wins.

Directions: The XK assassins are told what route Cpt. America will be taking and then are given 3 minutes to set up their ambush. The game starts at the sound of the whistle/horn. Cpt. America and his troops must follow the instructor. They are not allowed to pass the instructor or fall more than 20 feet behind him.

Requirements: 10 players or more. 20-30% are Xtreme Assassins
Time Limit: 10 minutes.

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