Xtreme Zipline

Enjoy the thrill of zipping at speeds up to 35 mph

Hours of Operation

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

For reservation call at 919 596 6100
If you wish to come at other times, please call us and we will accomodate your needs.

Read our Reservation Policy

Enjoy this experience

At Xtreme Zipline you will enjoy the thrilll of zipping through 3000 ft of NC natural ecosystem at speeds up to 35 mph.

Our canopy consists of a total of 10 lines and a final heart pumping free fall drop from a 60 ft tower!

Our innovative ZIP STOP system is the safest breaking system in the market today.

We also offer educational zip line tours to learn about the biology surrounding us.

Flight Packages

Our prices are competitive with other fields. But we are also reasonable and the larger your group is the better deal you will get! CALL US for our SPECIAL PROMOS! – we run new ones every month!

Cardinal: 10 Ziplines + Quick Drop = Coming Soon
Blackbird: 8 Ziplines + Quick Drop = $60  $49
Sparrow: 6 Ziplines + Quick Drop = $50  $39
Raven: 4 Ziplines + Quick Drop = $40  $29
Hawk: 2 Ziplines + Quick Drop = $30  $19
For group discounts please call 919 596 6100


Add some extra features to your zipline experience


Let us capture your moment. Ask one of our guides to snap a photo of you and your family or friends. And don't forget to bring your camera as well!

Drone Video

Let our automated drone follow you wherever you go taking amazing shots! - Available mid 2016.

GoPro Helmet Camera

We have GoPro helmet cams and selfie sticks for you to get the best footage of your experience. All available in a memory stick for you to take home! $25 per person.


How old do I have to be to do the ziplines?

It is not really by age but by weight.

What is the weight limits?

You must be between 35 and 270lbs to be allowed to ride the ziplines. We will weigh you at the registration office prior to your registration. The weight limit for the Quick Drop is 250lbs.

What is the Quick Drop?

The Quick Drop is a free fall system from our 60ft tower. Most of our packages include the quick drop.

Is it really safe?

Yes. All our instructors are certified and tested prior to operating the ziplines. We also have a double safety breaking system plus you will wear 2 safety lines attached to your harness.

Do I need reservations?

YES. Although sometimes we accept walk-on people, it is not guaranteed. We recommend you call us before you come ziplining.

Can I do anything while I zip?

No. Flipping upside down is not allowed. Also we do not allow smoking throughout the tour.

How tall is the highest tower?

Our tallest tower is 60ft.

How long are the ziplines?

Our longest run is 700ft and our shortest is 250ft.

How long does it take?

Time varies depending on the number of people in a group. A group with 10 people doing the full course takes about 1.5 hs.

What should I wear?

Depending on the season you might want to gear up of come with shorts! In the summer coming with shorts is perfectly fine. We recommend you use closed toe comfortable shoes.

I am pregnant, can I do it?

No. We do not recommend pregnant women ziplining since some of the lines go fast and might jerk you when you stop.

What if its raining?

We can still run tours in the rain. We will only stop if there is thunder.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes we have them available online or at the park. You can click here to sign the waiver now.